Parents/Guardians have several responsibilities to ensure a successful exchange. These include providing a caring support of the student without becoming too demanding. Parents must ensure that the student has sufficient financial support to provide for clothing, entertainment, personal travel and any other expenses not covered by Rotary.


Visits by parents (and relatives) are discouraged, especially during the first six months of the exchange. Past experience has shown that these visits may be disruptive and tend to upset students. Homesickness is often heightened by visits from parents or relatives.

Parents/guardians should be aware that students are doing their best to succeed in a new and unfamiliar environment.

If parents are proposing a visit, they MUST as a courtesy, contact the host Rotary Club first, providing details of arrival and departure and any proposed itinerary. This will allow comment on the suitability of both the visit and the itinerary. Although a cordial reception can be expected parents should not expect any form of hosting or hospitality from Rotary. Parents should not expect unreserved access to their student, since the young person is in the care of the hosting Rotary Club.


The parents, guardian or student must provide:
(1) Roundtrip air ticket between home and the airport of the final destination in Japan.
(2) Return flight expenses of accompanying and non accompanying baggage.
There were often embarrassing cases wherein the students cannot afford to pay the excess baggage that they have.
(3) All clothing and personal requirements of the student.
(4) Miscellaneous personal expenses including expenses for travel, souvenirs, gifts, postage, domestic long distance and overseas telephone calls.
For effective risk management purposes, owning a mobile phone is permitted, but it should be pre-paid, and should be shouldered by the student.
(5) All insurance, as required and detailed the article of INSURANCE.
(6) Any other cost of medical treatment or other costs not covered by insurance policies.
(7) The 150,000Japanese yen for registration fee for a couple of YEP field trips.
e.g. ( Nagaski trip, kagoshima trip, JAPAN tour )